Thorsten Kaiser

Thorsten Kaiser (New Zealand)

Holistic Hoof Care

Thorsten Kaiser is one of the first Holistic Hoof care Professional in New Zealand. His approach involves first viewing the world through the eyes of the horse and focuses on what horses need to thrive and then considering the human in that equation.

During Thorsten’s time as an endurance rider, he became the first in New Zealand to complete a 100km CEI** with a barefoot horse in 2003.

In 2004, Thorsten founded the Institute for Barefoot Equine Management Ltd (IBEM) through which he offers barefoot hoof care, seminars, professional training and one-on-one coaching. Thorsten offers education that is based on logic, science, and proven management approaches.

Thorsten is known for his passion for holistic hoof care and his way of explaining complex material in a way that is understandable by many people.

The key learnings people will take away from Thorsten’s seminars will be understanding the difference between laminitis and founder and prevention ideas as well as learning classic boot fitting traps and how to get past them.



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