Superstar Spanish Dressage Trainer Heading Down Under for Equidays

World renowned Spanish trainer Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz has been announced as the star dressage presenter for Equidays this October.

While most famous for his partnership with the beautiful Fuego XII and that unforgettable Grand Prix Kur at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky 2010, successful Olympic Dressage rider Juan Manuel is also a respected horseman and trainer.

Equidays will be your only opportunity to learn from the well-respected rider and trainer, in an exclusive Dressage Masterclass at Equidays either at Mystery Creek or Christchurch.

Juan will take his audience through everyday techniques and a series of highly skilled movements that will provide both an educational and compelling spectacle.

Born into a traditional southern family from Écija, Juan grew up around horses and always had a love of dressage, dreaming of competing like the great Dr Rheiner Klimke. Starting a job at Cardenas stud farm, one of the oldest and most traditional P.R.E. studs in Spain owned by Miguel Angel de Cardenas, “Fuego XII” showed up in his life.

Juan and Fuego XII joined up with legendary trainer Jan Bemelmans and went on to create one of the most memorable partnerships of modern dressage.

Juan is considered one of the ‘first generation’ of professional riders dedicated to riding as a sport and particularly to dressage in Spain.

Juan says the key to learning and the desire to improve is vital to the sport. “We try to convey feelings and centred riding with the quest for relaxation and the expression for the high competition”, says Juan.

Juan’s Masterclass will run for two hours on the Sunday morning of both Mystery Creek and Christchurch events.

Whether you are an experienced rider or wanting to learn about Dressage, there will be plenty of education and advice to suit all riders. Everyone will leave with tips on how to improve the performance of their own horses and themselves.