Sue Court

Sue Court (New Zealand)

Equine Assisted Counsellor

Sue Court from EarthHorse Aotearoa brings years of leadership and professional guidance to her life and work as an Equine Assisted counsellor. Together with her herd of therapy horses she brings help and healing to people from all walks of life who are facing challenges and seeking new ways forward.

Sue’s multi-faceted career has revolved around the nourishment and encouragement of others in a variety of contexts. Her extensive background in academia and university management, combined with life as a performing artist, brought her into contact with people seeking her out for support and guidance. Sue aligned her skills from professional counselling training with her lifelong experiences with horses to emerge into the field of Equine Assisted Therapy.

Sue’s equine colleagues have brought help and healing to her clients, and she has found ongoing learning and inspiration in her work with these deeply intuitive and wise co-therapists.

Sue’s seminars at Equidays will be on the exciting new field of Equine Assisted Therapies. Sue will show new understandings of how horses offer humans emotional healing, and open new pathways for personal change.


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