Seminar Presenters

Seminar Presenters

Equidays Seminars offer visitors the opportunity to learn from a variety of equine specialist presenters in an interactive environment. Seminars cover nutrition, saddle fitting, sports psychology, acupuncture, horse physiotherapy, insurance and legal information. Seminars will involve classroom-based theory as well as hands-on practical seminars where visitors are able to learn and then put these learnings into action while supported by equine experts.

Jane Pike (NZ)

Jane Pike

Sports Psychology

Angela McLeod (AUS)

Angela McLeod

Equine Biomechanics

Nikita Stowers (NZ)

Nikita Stowers (NZ)

Equine Nutritionist

Amanda Wilson (NZ)

Amanda Wilson


Sue Court (NZ)

Sue Court

Equine Assisted Counsellor

Thorsten Kaiser (NZ)

Thorsten Kaiser

Holistic Hoof Care

Wendy Murdoch (USA)

Wendy Murdoch

Horse Balance & Stability

Larissa Bilston (AUS) and Rebecca Ireland (NZ)

Larissa Bilston and Rebecca Ireland

Equine Nutrition

Denise Bancroft (NZ)

Denise Bancroft

Vital Animal Homeopathy

Catrina Storm


Mark Corner

Saddle Fitter

Robyn Hood CAN – Tellington TTouch

Robyn Hood

Robyn Hood CAN – Tellington TTouch