Sandy Stanway

Sandy Stanway


Sandy Stanway loves both riding and working with horses at liberty and she will be sharing the principles of the Liberty process at Equidays 2019.

Sandy has been involved with horses since the age of seven and have decided she simply can’t live without them. She has bred, ridden and shown Arabian horses to national level for many years, and has dabbled in most equestrian disciplines saying she loves jumping, dressage, trail riding, cowboy challenge and just about everything in between!

Sandy spent many years studying natural horsemanship and has a lot of experience teaching adults which lead to her travelling to the USA to train and become qualified as a 3* Parelli natural horsemanship instructor. Sandy now works full time specialising in teaching people how to communicate with their horse, how to teach their horse to use their bodies in a good way and how to apply these things in different disciplines.

Liberty can be done by all horse lovers regardless of age, breed, or physical ability according to Sandy. Liberty sets you up with your horse for an exceptional riding relationship and Sandy believes it is the pathway to riding bridle less with confidence.

Each day at Equidays, Sandy will use a new horse who she has only just met, and work through her principles of Liberty process. These principles will give those attending her clinics the roadmap of how to work with your horse at Liberty. Sandy will demonstrate the principles in action with each horse and also cover the psychology behind each one.



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