Russell Higgins

Russel Higgins



Russell Higgins has a diverse and wide-ranging background with horses having studied many different disciplines and taught and studies in 16 different countries. He has however become known widely for his work with young horses and developing a connection with horses.

Horses have been a part of Russell’s life fom an early age as Russell’s parents owned and operated the first horse tracking business in the Bay of Islands. Russell started his first horse in 1985 and has been teaching horsemanship clinics and starting young horses professionally since 1999.

Starting as one of Pat Parelli’s apprentices in Colorado, Russell has continued his education with other great horsemen such as Buck Branaman, Marin Black and has been a student of Working Equitation, cow working and is a Cowboy Challenge judge in New Zealand.

Those attending Russell’s clinics will develop a better understanding of horse psychology and awareness of how to be safe around horses as well as learning confidence for both horse and human.

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