Robyn Hood

Robyn Hood (Canada)

Tellington TTouch

Robyn is a senior instructor of the Tellington TTouch Method and has been riding since before she could walk, getting involved with breeding, training and showing horses over the past 60+ years. Robyn has been involved in the development of the Tellington Method since 1986, has written three books on the use of TTouch bodywraps and has given demonstrations and various lectures around the world on this.

Robyn’s passion is to help people looks at their horses through new eyes and to be an advocate for horses. She believes the use of bodywraps can be very helping in improving awareness and proprioception for both horse and rider.

At Equidays, Robyn will show simple bodywork techniques that can be used before riding to shorten the warm-up process. Robyn will also be talking about the connection between posture and behaviour and how to influence it in a low-stress positive way to build their relationship with their horses.



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