Reporoa local to perform at Equidays Top Talent

Abbey Hewlett from Reporoa has been chosen as a finalist in the Equidays Top Talent competition for 2019 and will perform with her miniature horse Sweetpea during the Saturday Nightshow of Equidays on 19th October.

After watching a couple of her friends enter Equidays Top Talent in previous years, 14-year-old Abbey thought it looked really fun and thought she’d give it a go. After an initial application process, Abbey was selected along with four other finalists to compete for the title and perform her routine “a day at the office” in the Equitainment Extravaganza Nightshow. “I named my routine “A day at the office” as it relates to the song and how I wish to work with horses when I’m older”.  

Abbey’s sidekick Sweetpea came into her life when Abbey was nine as an attempt from her parents to quench her love of horses; but instead it fuelled it! Abbey now has four wonderful horses, two of which she events at 80cm and 95cm, one which she broke in herself and is training and of course Sweetpea. 

Sweetpea is now five years old and has been with Abbey since she was just 5 months old. She’s very impatient and has a big personality but she is very smart and catches onto things very quickly and she doesn’t let Abbey’s other horses’ boss her around. 

With a performance that incorporates a variety of stunts and tricks and a personality to boot, Sweatpea and Abbey will no doubt steal your heart. 

Equidays Top Talent mentor Dan Steers spoke of Abbie’s performance after his recent training session with her, “Abbey has a lot of good stuff going on in her performance, with jumping the hoop, jumping the barrel, laying down and then the rear. Abbie and Sweetpea also have a really good story.”

“For Abbey’s performance what I think she needs to work on (between now and Equidays) within herself, getting out of her shell and having fun with her performance,” says Dan.

Abbey is looking forward to giving Sweetpea the chance to perform in front of a large crowd during their final’s performance in the Equitainment Extravaganza Nightshow where they will be judged on horsemanship, artistic impression and crowd popularity. 

Tickets for the Equitainment Extravaganza featuring Abbey’s performance in Equidays Top Talent are on sale now, head to for more information.