Palmerston North local a finalist in Equidays Top Talent

Megan Perrott Palmerston North has been selected as a finalist in the 2019 Equidays Top Talent competition with her performance featuring in the Saturday Nightshow of Equidays in October.

After applying for the competition, Megan was selected as one of five finalists who will be mentored by equitainment extraodinaire Dan Steers to help them be ready to perform in the Equitainment Extravaganza Nightshow.

Megan and her pony Marlie have been together for eight years and their relationship has grown from strength to strength through being involved in horse camps, showjumping shows, overnight treks, ocean swims and lots of hang outs playing in the paddock.

Liberty and agility sparked Megan’s interest for performing. The relationship between Megan and Marlie is clear to see with Top Talent mentor Dan Steers speaking on their performance, “Megan is a really good performer within herself, she is confident and easy going. Her pony can be a bit uptight, but it doesn’t show in Megan which is a great asset when it comes to performing. She has a great connection with her pony.”

“We worked with Megan on two pretty big manoeuvers, the rear and the bow. It’s a wow factor for the crowd. Her horse is really receptive to learning new things and now Megan needs to perfect it,” says Dan.

Megan and Marlie’s performance during the Nightshow is titled ‘You are my diamond’ and will involve bridleless work and on-the-ground liberty showing the incredible relationship between Megan and her childhood pony Marlie. The music and the costume came from the classic saying diamonds are a girl’s best friend, “but Marlie is my best friend, says Megan”.   

Points for Megan and Marlie’s performance will be awarded for horsemanship skills and artistic impression as well as crowd opinion with a public vote.

Tickets for the Equitainment Extravaganza featuring Megan’s performance in Equidays Top Talent are on sale now, head to for more information.