Nikita Stowers

Nikita Stowers (New Zealand)

Equine Nutritionis

Nikita is an independent Equine Nutritionist and a Director and Nutritionist of independent consultancy Veterinary and Nutritional Integration – VANI.

Nikita started her journey with horses as a young girl, growing up learning to ride ponies at the Waikato Equestrian Centre and attending Pony Club in Hamilton. This passion for horses led Nikita to study Animal Science and Equine Nutrition at Massey University where she studied at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Nikita’s research and areas of expertise include Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome, Nutrition for growth and development, racing and performance horse nutrition and hindgut health.

Her career highlights include carrying out research trials in Japan, presenting her postgraduate research at the World Equine Congress in India and being awarded the New Zealand Equine Research Foundation Young Achiever Award in 2019 which enabled her to attend the European Equine Health and Nutrition conference in The Netherlands.

VANI is the first integrative veterinary and nutritional consultancy combining expertise from both of these fields to give horse owners an accurate assessment of their horse’s health and feeding programmes. VANI view the health of your horse with holistic philosophy, believing that all the body systems are interconnected.

At Equidays Nikita will speak on a range of topics to suit every horse owner ranging from gut health, vitamin and mineral requirements for different body functions, as well as nutrition for your broodmare and growing horse.


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