Mark Langley

Mark Langley (AUS)


New to Equidays this year is International clinician and Australian Mark Langley who will be running several horsemanship clinics throughout Equidays, sharing his knowledge and passion with visitors.

Mark is passionate about helping horses to learn in a way that reduces anxiety and increases their connection to their owner and the task they’re doing.

Riding since he could walk, Mark became a popular professional starter and trainer in his early 20s, starting over 1000 horses and training thousands more including wild brumbies and many unhandled and highly hot horses.

Through a huge respect for horses and wanting to do the right thing by them, Mark found methods that helped horses gain confidence in us and our education. Mark recognises that much of the tension that horses carry has been caused by the way people train and present education to their horses, so he enjoys working with horses and people on an individual level to address these tensions.

Mark will be sharing a range of techniques to acknowledge and reduce tension, improve performance and body control, gain and guide a horse’s focus, and to understand how horses are feeling. Mark will be passing on a range of techniques that can be used in a variety of way to improve calmness, softness, balance and flow.


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