Mark Corner

Mark Corner – Saddle fitter

Mark’s connection with horses began in the mid-70s, when he began working at Pryors Saddlery and continued with the formation of Chevalier Equestrian. During his time with these companies, Mark completed a saddle-making apprenticeship and focused on developing new technology and materials for saddle making.

A few of Mark’s developments include the manufacture of the first NZ made synthetic saddles, adjustable saddles and nylon pre-moulded saddle trees. Mark is based with Horselands and enjoys fitting all types of saddles and horses.

At Equidays, Mark will be explaining the processes involved in the manufacture of saddles and principles of saddle fitting covering the steps of saddle sizing, gullet fit, balance and saddle position. Mark will also give you a guide to troubleshooting, an idea of what to look for when purchasing a saddle and a safety check for your saddle.



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