Larissa Bilston and Rebecca Ireland

Larissa Bilston (Australia) and Rebecca Ireland (New Zealand)

Nutrition and Feed

Larissa Bilston, an animal nutritionist and feed advisor, comes together with equine veterinarian Rebecca Ireland to demonstrate how nutrition can improve the overall health and performance of your horses.

Larissa has a first-class honours degree in Agricultural Science and has extensive experience as an animal nutritionist and feed advisor, working with feed mills, trainers and owners to provide cost-effective, well-balanced feed rations.

Larissa is passionate about giving horse owners a better understanding of nutrition to help them navigate the pitfalls of poor nutrition. She enjoys working with owners to design and feed well balanced diets tat fit both their budget and cater for individual horse requirements.

Rebecca graduated from Bristol university as a Veterinarian and has spent the last 10 years working with equine patients. She has published several research papers and owns Central Lakes Equine, an ambulatory veterinary practice, where she sees a lot of patients with medical disorders that can be improved and even prevented when a correct nutritional plan is instituted.

At Equidays, Larissa and Rebecca will share their secrets about how your can reduce unnecessary feed costs while improving your horse’s diet along with information about feeding horses with Cushing’s disease and metabolic issues.



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