Jane Pike

Jane Pike (New Zealand)

Sports Psychology 

As an Equestrian Mindset Coach, Jane works with riders all over the world, assisting them in developing the mindset and emotional fitness to increate confidence, overcome challenges and work with an effective strategy to get the best out of themselves and their horses.

Having grown up in Australia, Janie spent most of her teens and early twenties training and showing horses on the national circuit. She was fortunate to develop a string of successful partnerships, leading to multiple royal show championships, Horse of the Year and Rider of the Year titles.

An increasing fascination with performance and behavioural psychology led Jane to pursue various studies in mental skills training and sports psychology, which has developed and explained over the past six years through her business Confident Rider.

Jane’s approach is practical and achievable, providing a replicable process that allows riders to cultivate the strength, resilience and awareness to be effective and compassionate riders, competitors, trainers and horse people.

Jane’s seminars will teach you how to cultivate mental and emotional fitness and agility, how to deal with self-sabotage and behaviours that are holding you back in riding, how to overcome challenges from trauma and injury, and how to use intention, breath and body language to develop trust and partnership with your horse.



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