Hawera equestrian a finalist in Equidays Top Talent

Sherleena Budd of Hawera and her bay mare Bijou have been chosen as a finalist in the 2019 Equidays Top Talent competition.

After sending in her application, Sherleena was selected as one of the six semi-finalists who received one-on-one training with equitainment expert Dan Steers. Five finalists, including Sherleena, were chosen and they will perform their routine during the Equitainment Extravaganza Nightshow at Equidays in October.

Sherleena bought Bijou when she was a weanling after attending horsemanship clinics so that she could start the natural horsemanship training when she arrived. Bijou came into Sherleena’s life at the perfect moment to help her through a difficult time, acting as a ‘shining light’ for Sherleena.

Top Talent mentor Dan Steers spoke of his training session with Sherleena and her place as a finalist, “Sherleena has great support with both friends and family and it was really fun to work with her and her horse. Her horsemanship was at a really high standard so my mentoring of Sherleena was more around the performance side and putting it all together,” says Dan.

Sherleena’s key takeaways from Dan’s training sessions were the practical hands on help he gave her for training her horse. In particular on improving the Spanish walk and the rear “Making sure she (the horse) gets the release in what she’s doing, so she really wants to do it”.

Sherleena and Bijou’s performance at Equidays is titled ‘Liberty Ladies’ where they will showcase their talent working at liberty on the ground and working with several different obstacles. Sherleena and her bay mare Bijou incorporates her talent working at liberty on the ground and working with different obstacles to show the inspiring and challenging things her and her horse can do.

Sherleena is looking forward to performing at Equidays, showing the level of communication she has with Bijou and showcasing Bijou’s ability to perform in the live crowd environment. 

Points for Sherleena and Bijou’s performance will be awarded for horsemanship skills and artistic impression as well as a crowd opinion with a public vote.

Tickets for the Equitainment Extravaganza featuring Sherleena’s performance in Equidays Top Talent are on sale now, head to www.equidays.co.nz for more information.