Farrier competition

Farrier competition

This competition will see farriers and blacksmiths battle it out displaying their shoe-making techniques and competition for the top spots. This competition is organised by the NZ Farriers Association who provide training and qualifications aimed at improving standards of hoof care and farriery for the welfare of the New Zealand equine population.

You can catch the farriers in action in the farrier marquee throughout the event at Mystery Creek with certified farrier practitioners Patrick Crowley and Paul Nelson presenting a seminar on sound shoeing foundations on Sunday 14 October from 10-12noon.

Patrick and Paul’s seminar will focus on the following key points:

  • Horse assessment (movement & soundness)
  • Fore and hind limb assessment
  • Trimming the hooves
  • Assessment of the hoof (without x-rays)
  • Preparation of the foot
  • When to shoe vs. when to go barefoot
  • Putting together a shoeing/trimming plan
  • Shoe material selection (size, height, width, weight, environment, discipline, style, & issues with the horses’ feet)
  • Forging the shoes
  • Fitting the shoes
  • Nailing and finish

Patrick Crowley completed his New Zealand CFP before going onto England to work for a brilliant firm run by the Sterns for 18 months. While in England he completed his Diploma from the Worshipful Company of Farriers. Patrick then travelled to Japan where he spent three years working with and rebuilding world class racehorses. Now settled back in New Zealand with his Family Patrick covers the Tararua and Manawatu areas.

Paul Nelson completed his apprenticeship gaining his CFP NZ under Malcolm Telfer in Matamata. From there he travelled to England where he spent four months working for the Malander Brothers. He then returned home to New Zealand working in the Rotorua area for 18 months before he decided to travel again. This time he headed to Japan, where he became the third foreign farrier to become Japanese qualified. Paul is now based in the Taupo area with his family where he has been working for 11 years, making his career 23 years young!



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