Elsa Sinclair

Elsa Sinclair (USA)


Elsa Sinclair is a professional horse trainer and instructor who brings a unique and powerful perspective to the horse world. Gathering awareness from a variety of equine disciplines, Elsa has an enthusiasm for developing human/equine partnerships so that they fully enjoy the process of learning and growing as they achieve their goals together.

Elsa draws on a long and diverse history with horses through her work with Freedom Based Training® which lead to her created the movie Taming Wild, an online course for those interested in Freedom Based Training®. The Taming Wild journey continues with second and third movies in the works, a book soon to be out and an ever-growing community of collaborators in students and horses.

At Equidays, Elsa will be conducting Freedom Based Training clinics and seminars that offer understanding and development of a language between horse and human that needs no tools or food rewards. From this understanding the horse is able to teach us feel and timing beyond the scope of what human words are able to teach.



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