Denise Bancroft

Denise Bancroft (New Zealand)

Vital Animal Homeopathy

Denise Bancroft owns and runs her Auckland practice Vital Animal Homeopathy consulting clients at their properties and online.

Having been involved with horses her life, Denise was lucky to live in England for 13 years where she had her own horses and took full advantage of the wonderful instructors and opportunities to learn from the amazing international riders. After gaining her Ph.M research degree, Denise began her life as a social scientist holding seminars in London and Berlin.

When Denise returned to New Zealand, she began to question microbial resistance to antibiotics and other drugs in animal and began to explore alternatives. Denise was introduced to homeopathy and was constantly amazed by the positive ways animals reacted to the remedies, especially lingering conditions such as allergies and foot problems. This led to Denise studying homeopathy with the intention of specialising in horses.

Denise loves working with animals and especially sharing the joy of the owner and the animal itself when a remedy has helped a beloved animal return to health.

Denise’s seminars will answer your questions on homeopathic remedies for competition horses, dose sizes between animals, holistic principles of homeopathy, and nano pharmacology. You’ll also get the opportunity to discuss a couple of case studies and identify how a different remedy is chosen for the same complaint in two horses.


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