Demo Riders

Demo Riders

An exciting feature of Equidays is the opportunity for those with the required level of skill and experience to be selected as our demonstration riders. Demo riders play an important role during clinics and seminars, working with clinicians and presenters to demonstrate techniques and positioning.

Mystery Creek Demo Riders

Demo Rider Applications are now closed for Mystery Creek.  We will be in touch with you by the 21st of September to confirm your applications.

South Island Demo Riders

Demo Rider Applications are still open for Christchurch.  Please ensure that you choose the right form and read the conditions at the bottom of the form before submitting your application.

Demo riders must acknowledge their role in the demonstration and be willing to do as the instructor requests and demo rider’s horses should be comfortable in a noisy environment where distractions are common. Due to the nature of the event, demo riders will need to be of a specific skill level judged at the discretion of Equidays Event Organisers.

Applications close Friday 21 September.

Jumping Clinics

Please fill out this form if you wish to apply for jumping clinics with Rob Ehrens and Amanda Wilson.

Western/Horsemanship/Behaviour & Starting 

Please fill out this form if you have a horse suitable for starting/breaking in or horsemanship clinics with Anna Blake, Warwick Schiller, Cole Cameron, Ben Longwell and Russell Higgins.

Dressage Master Class

Please fill out this form if you wish to ride for Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz.

Cowboy Challenge 

Please fill out this form if you wish to participate in Cowboy Challenge clinics at Equidays.