Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson (USA)


Joining the international clinician line-up at Equidays is American Craig Johnson who will be holding reining and horsemanship clinics for the first time at Equidays 2019.

Craig has earned his spot among the elite group of horsemen, who can claim the title of $1M rider. Few individuals have trained, shown, earned, competed and maintained a career at such a high level in the professional horse industry.

Craig currently resides in the Midwest United States where he raises and develops world-class performance horses, trains horses for the public and teaches lessons and clinics on reining, ranch riding, ranch trail, versatility ranch horse, cowboy dressage, and all-round horsemanship.

With an impressive line-up of accomplishments for reining, working cow horse and ranch riding, Craig continues to train and compete, but his passion lies in teaching people how to bring out the best in their own horses. From recreational riders to fellow professionals, Craig’s tried and proven system can bring out the best in a horse and rider.

Those attending Craig’s reining and horsemanship clinics at Equidays will learn the three things that every horse needs to know – how to steer, how to control speed and how to stop. All horse communication issues are related to one of these three things.



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