Cowboy Challenge

Cowboy Challenge


The sport of Cowboy Challenge was developed by legendary horseman Craig Cameron for horsemanship students to test their skills combining reining moves with obstacles over open country.

The Cowboy Challenge is a fast-growing sport great for all ages and stages to enjoy and involves navigating obstacles similar to what horses and riders would come across while out on trails or stations. The course must be completed correctly, quickly and with the right amount of style. The challenge is designed to test the horse’s confidence, training and trust, as well as the rider’s cues and directions.

The Cowboy Challenge competition will run on the Sunday afternoon of Equidays at Mystery Creek and at Christchurch.

This year there will be more of a focus on education with clinics from a couple of our presenting clinicians helping riders become competition ready. Clinicians presenting on aspects of Cowboy Challenge this year will include Cole Cameron, Richelle Marsh, and Bryan McVicar.



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