Top Talent

Top Talent

Equidays Top Talent is back for 2018 aimed at showcasing some of the country’s best equine talent and skilled trainers. Competitors will perform their talent to impress a team of judges as well as entertain the crowds of the NRM & McMillan arena.


Equidays Top Talent will feature at both Mystery Creek and Christchurch

Hosted by Amanda Wilson and Cole Cameron, Equidays Top Talent will entertain crowds with a range of equestrian entertainment in a competition of talent and creativity.

At Mystery Creek the night will kick off with a horse riff-off with the Wilson sisters with crowds also being treated by a performance from cowboy clinician Bryan McVicar. Next there’ll be performances from a mix of individuals and groups for both adults and young equine performances. Following this we have five confirmed professionals competing including a vaulting team and two of New Zealand’s most well-known equine professionals.

Equidays Top Talent in Christchurch will combine with a Showjumping Spectacular to form the Saturday Nightshow where visitors will be treated to three professional liberty acts with the night also being hosted by Amanda Wilson and Cole Cameron.

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