Christchurch rider to represent South Island at Equidays Top Talent

Jade Lucas of Charing Cross, Christchurch has been selected as a finalist in the 2019 Equidays Top Talent competition with her mesmerising stallion Storm.

After an initial application process, Jade was chosen as one of five Equidays Top Talent finalists who went on to receive a personal training session with Australian equitainment extraordinaire Dan Steers.

Jade and her stallion Storm will be performing their ‘dancing in the dark’ routine in the Equitainment Extravaganza Saturday Nightshow of Equidays in October. The competition will be judged on her horsemanship skills, artistic impression and a public vote. Jade and Storm will be performing a liberty and bridleless performance focussing on some big dressage moves that are challenging under normal circumstances, let alone performing them in front of a crowd.

Her liberty and bridleless performance will leave you breathless as she guides her mesmerizing stallion through dressage movements such as the passage, the piaffe and the Spanish walk. Not only is her horse big, its big in its movement and will wow the crowd.

Jade grew up in the UK riding ponies and getting involved in hunting, eventing and dressage. She gained trackwork experience in Australia before moving to Canada and getting into horsemanship and a new way of training horses. Since coming to New Zealand six years ago, Jade has been showing, eventing, hunting and producing young horses.

Jade’s horse Storm came off the hills and after a lot of self-training and some advice from Equidays Top Talent mentor and equitainment extraordinaire Dan Steers, she is looking forward to showing the crowd what she and Storm can do.

This year the finalists receive training and advice from Dan Steers to prepare them for their performance in the Nightshow. Dan speaks of working with Jade and Storm, “Jade has a beautiful big horse that even probably scares me a little bit because he is so massive. Storm’s Spanish walk is very impressive, not only is the horse big, but his movements are also very big,” says Dan.

“I am working a lot with Jade and her horse and teaching him to come back under pressure which is quite important when you perform in case you do lose the horse at liberty and it gets distracted and maybe runs off, then you have a good come back or call back signal sorted. So that’s the real challenge for Jade to be working on before performance night”. 

Tickets for the Equitainment Extravaganza featuring Jade’s performance in Equidays Top Talent are on sale now, head to for more information.