Bex Tasker

Bex Tasker

Positive Horsemanship 

Bex Tasker is a teacher of positive horsemanship, dedicated to enhancing compassion, communication and cooperation within horse-human partnerships.

Bex grew up in pony club with a particular passion for showjumping. However, in her early 20s, her world changed after an encounter with a positive reinforcement dog trainer which ignited a spark for clicker training. Bex then went on to study vet nursing and animal behaviour and spent several years training drug-detector dogs for NZ Customs before returning to horses. She adapted clicker training to her horses and was hooked all over again. Bex saw numerous nervous horses blossoming in confidence and distracted or easily frustrated horses learn to focus and find mental balance.

Bex has spent the last 15 years training a wide variety of horses with clicker training and has delivered sought-after clinics and workshops nationwide and online.

Bex loves to share her enthusiasm for ethical, reward-based training with the rapidly increasing number of open-minded horse owners. Head along to her clinics during Equidays to learn how to inspire confidence, trust, motivation and cooperation in your horses by training with positive reinforcement.



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