Ben Longwell

Ben Longwell


Western and Horsemanship 

Ben Longwell of True West Horsemanship Ltd is passionate about connecting through horsemanship and teaching riders to communicate better.

Ben grew up riding horses and working cattle as many generations of his family did before him in Colorado, USA. He had years of experience working on ranches. Learning from the practical skills and experience of the ranchers and horse breeders, acquiring the principles of colt starting, problem solving and quality horsemanship.

Ben uses his down-to-earth approach when dealing with horses or people and believes the heart of horsemanship is in trust, understanding and leadership, through timing, balance and feel. Ben believes every horse has something to teach if we are listening.

Visitors to Equidays will learn how to improve communication between horse and rider through trust-based horsemanship.

Read more about Ben and his philosophy on his website here.



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