Angela McLeod

Angela McLeod (Australia)


Angela McLeod is an equine vet with a special interest in equine biomechanics. Angela has been riding for nearly 30 years and competed in eventing up to 2star level and rode racehorses exercise for15 years.

In 2008 Angela acquired a really special young warmblood which really tested her training skills. Angela then spent some time in Germany where she gained some great knowledge and had some success in showjumping and cross country. Angela then moved to England to work as a vet which led to many discoveries about her riding.

Angela came to realise that everything to do with riding and training horses is quite logical and can be explained by the laws of biomechanics. She believes it is important that riders have a basic understanding of equine biomechanics in order to train their horse intelligently to work correctly over the back, thereby improving performance and minimizing trauma to joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles.

Those attending Angela’s seminars at Equidays will learn a basic understanding of anatomy involved in correct posture and movement, how to optimise muscle development for a healthy horse that is pleasant to ride, how to recognise the reasons for resistance problems in training and to recognise the signs of correct work.



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