Seminar Presenters - Equidays | Hamilton

Seminar Presenters

John Equine

John Swanepoel

Do you or your horse suffer from unexplained symptoms? Do you keep… more


Geoff Culverwell

Trainer, professional rider, and remedial muscle therapist at equinPHYSIOcare. Equestrian coach, mentor… more


Chloe Phillips-Harris

Riding wild horses, working horses, reindeer, elephants, racing 1000km across Mongolia, to… more


Sabina Holle

Sabina Holle is a veterinarian with a special interest in alternative therapies,… more

Peter Huntington

Peter Huntington (Australia)

Dr Peter Huntington received a veterinary degree from the University of Melbourne… more

Fiona Dearing Head Shot

Fiona Dearing (Australia)

Fiona coaches a wide range of recreational riders with a particular focus… more

Tom Tweeten

Jane Stafford & Dr Tom Tweeten

Jane Stafford has been riding since she was old enough to walk,… more

Sarah Linton

Sarah Linton

Sarah has been involved with horses for over 40 years. She has… more

peter horobin

Peter Horobin

Peter Horobin has contributed to the equestrian industry in saddle making and… more

Chris Riley - Massey

Prof. Chris Riley – Massey University

Chris was appointed Professor, Chair and Service Chief of the Equine Group… more

Thorsten Kaiser

Thorsten Kaiser

Thorsten Kaiser has been a hoof care professional for over ten years,… more