Seminar Presenters


Pryde’s EasiFeed

Hayley-Jane Malcolmson is Pryde’s EasiFeeds North Island Sales Manager and in house,… more


Fiber Fresh

Director and National Sales Manager of Fiber Fresh, Bob Bell will present… more


PGG Wrightson

PGG Wrightson has a number of experts at Equidays this year, who… more

Chris Riley - Massey

Chris Riley

Chris was appointed Professor, Chair and Service Chief of the Equine Group… more

Simonne Butler

Simonne Butler

In 2003, Simonne Butler was attacked by her ex-boyfriend in the well-publicised… more

Maree Primrose

Maree Primrose

Maree Primrose is a qualified Equine Sports Therapist. After working and studying… more

Thorsten Kaiser

Thorsten Kaiser

Thorsten Kaiser has been a hoof care professional for over ten years,… more

Fiona Dearing

Fiona Dearing

Fiona coaches a wide range of recreational riders with a particular focus… more

Sarah Linton

Sarah Linton

Sarah Linton is a highly sought after Equine Body Worker and Independent… more

Chloes Phillips-Harris 2

Chloe Phillips-Harris

Last year Mongolian ponies ….. This year Reindeer Chloe Phillips-Harris is a… more

Lee Morris

Dr Lee Morris, Equibreed

Dr Lee Morris, a specialist veterinarian with a doctorate in fertility treatment, leads the… more


Gerrit Beker (NZL), 2013

Gerrit Beker is an International FEI Level 3 course designer, an FEI… more

Jane Pike

Jane Pike

EquiCoach Equestrian Performance Training Jane Pike is an internationally experienced movement therapist,… more