KHH Stallion Challenge

KHH presents the Kaimanawa Stallion Challenge 2016

Kaimanawa Heritage Stallion Challenge – final placings

KHH Winners

KHH Champion

Tina Fagan & Bullwinkle

2nd place

Kate Hewlett & Kaimanawa Colt

3rd place

Vicki Wilson &  Mascot

4th place

Alexa Dodson & Insitgator KH

5th place

Rebecca Wylie & Wylie Kaiote

6th place

Ellie O’Brien & Tama

We were so excited to welcome the Kaimanawa Stallion Challenge back to Equidays! In 2014, Kaimanawa Heritage Horses brought the plight of the Kaimanawas to the forefront, highlighting the versatility, adaptability and beauty of these wild horses.

Top New Zealand trainers were selected to compete in the Kaimanawa Stallion Challenge, held during Equidays 2016. Each trainer is randomly assigned a wild horse from the muster and is given approximately 150 days to domesticate the horse. The Challenge is comprised of three classes – Handling and Conditions, Trail and Horsemanship.

KHH works tirelessly to rehome to every possible horse from the biennial muster, achieving significant reductions in the amount of horses sent to slaughter each muster. Equidays is privileged to be able to provide a platform in which to showcase the talent of these horses.

Visit for more information on the upcoming muster and the Kaimanawa Stallion Challenge.

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