Barrel Racing

barrel-racingBarrel Racing, a timed event sport where horse and rider compete for the fastest time over a clover leaf pattern.

If a barrel is knocked down then the competitor incurs a five second penalty, when a barrel is knocked over there is often little or no chance of winning. In New Zealand there are around 200 barrel racers who compete at the Rodeos both in the south and north island in three divisions….Juniors ,Second Division and Open for female competitors who have won over $3000. Generally competitors use quarter horses as they are deemed the fastest breed of horse over the quarter mile, it usually takes a horse around 3 seasons to hit their straps in barrel racing. New Zealand arenas are typically big and roomy allowing for longer times than what you would see at the Thomas and Mac Centre in Las Vegas, a time in the 16 second bracket in New Zealand is generally considered a good time.

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